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Special Child Ministries is a grassroots effort connecting parents, teachers, therapists, medical providers, and anyone who is actively involved with an individual who has disabilities or special medical needs daily. 

Our goal is to assist families in the following areas of support.

Family Support

Family support is one of the core fundamentals of our ministry as we offer a parent-to-parent support group on The Special Child Ministries Yahoo Group.  Parents who use this support group are able to connect with hundreds of families who are all experts in their own field of parenting and who can assist you with advice and information in a timely manner.

Spiritual Support

Spiritual support is the heart of our ministry as this group is a Christ centered ministry.  By being spiritually aware it should give us a mindset to be mindful of all of our members and their situations. There is also a willingness of others to serve our families in all forms of crises.  This could be in the form of bringing a hot meal to a family or praying for a family who is in need.

Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies are a daily need for almost all of our families on the group.  It would only be natural for us to offer a way for our families to obtain gently used medical equipment and unused medical supplies in an effort to help other families who would normally be unable to afford such expensive equipment.


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